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Association of Poster Distributors of Lagos State

Let's take your message to your target market via our pedestrian bridge advert panels.


We are pleased to introduce to you a means of POSTER ADVERTISING which serves as a replacement for indiscriminate Poster Pasting/Distribution in Lagos State.

Our Agency is approved by LASAA and the methods of our operation include Poster on an Aluminum Frame, to be place inside the walk-way of all pedestrian bridges in Lagos.

Advantages of this mode of Advert:
1. Your Advert reaches your desired audience.
2. Wider coverage; Business Owners, Students, women, men, workers, employed and unemployed etc...
3. It is relatively cheap and affordable.
4. Flexible Advert Plans.
5. You are on the right side of the law(LASAA)
6. Available on all Pedestrian Bridges in Lagos.

Contact us for more details:
08139458588, 08053408939.


Dear Sir/Madam,


LEGAL WEB CONSULT is pleased to introduce to you/your organization some of the innovations in poster/banner advertising in Lagos state that you can utilize to achieve your marketing and advertising objectives:

Advert Panels on over One Hundred (100) major pedestrian bridges in different parts of Lagos strategically positioned to capture the attention of your target audience. These pedestrian bridge panels are purpose-built to hold and display your Posters and SAV stickers, fitted at strategic and eye-catching points on the bridges to capture the attention of bridge users and passers-by. It's a smart alternative for achieving much more impact and mileage without breaking the anti-poster law in force in Lagos State. It's extremely affordable and currently available on pedestrian bridges in Lagos.

The panels are designed to contain 49 by 23 inches poster size stickers/banners with attractive and catchy promotional messages to remind your current and potential clients of your brand on a daily basis. The opportunity of foot bridge advertising cannot be replaced by any other form of advertising. Why? Footbridge advertisement not only commands you to act now, but create a memory peg that you will use to act on at a later time. The art of poster advertising on pedestrian bridges in a high traffic area like Lagos state make a lot of sense.


1). More Effective –
Poster advertising offers 3-times higher engagement, receptivity and retention rate than T.V, radio, newspaper and billboard. Creating and hanging posters is an inexpensive way to drum up customers. The poster can potentially be seen by thousands of people and the audience passing the site may read the message again and again on a daily basis. Poster advertising is an effective way of building awareness for a brand over time. Comparatively, poster advertising saves your budget and gives your brand greater mileage compared to other forms of advertising.

2). Credibility - Using posters for advertisement has been a tradition for a very long time. Thus, it is a tested and effective channel for advertising. Compared to other forms of advertising, posters are more credible to the general public because they appear in public places and are more accessible. Many consumers trust what they see on a poster because they assume it must be real that is why you confidently advertise it in public.

3). Refined Targeting – it offers the ability to reach an accurately targeted audience at the right location and precise time.

4). LASSA Licensed Operator – this platform is a guaranteed one and it enjoys the backing and support of The Lagos State Signage and Advertising Agency, (LASAA). We support Government in ensuring that the environment remains clean in the process of pasting posters. We provide affordable platform for big and small scale business owners.

5). Cost Effective – Creating and hosting poster/banner is an inexpensive way to drum up customers.


The cost of advertising on our bridge panel ranges as follows:
N20,000 per month, per panel.

N200,000 per year, per panel.


We Are The Association Of Poster Distributors Of Lagos State. We Specialize In All Forms Of Poster Advertising In Lagos State. We Have Advert Panels (4 By 2 Feet) In All Major Pedestrian (Footbridges) In Lagos State Where You Can Advertise Your Products, Services And Events At Affordable Cost.



Poster/banner advert panel(s) on 7up & Onipkan pedestrian bridges in Lagos state.







Let’s take your message to your target audience.

Advertise your products and services on all the major pedestrian (footbridges) bridges in Lagos state.



To Order, Pay into Our Company’s Bank Account Below;

Bank: Diamond Bank.

Account Name: Legal Business Ventures.

Account Number: 002-9273-796.


After payment, kindly text the depositor's name, Teller Number, Email Address and amount paid to 08138458108.


08138458108, 08022845523