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How to Advertise on Facebook from Nigeria and Pay in Naira


What is Facebook?
Facebook is a new and very popular website that has the largest number of Nigerian members on the Internet. Every who-is-who in Nigeria is a member of Facebook (including the President!)

Big and small companies now advertise on Facebook because it’s cheap and you can reach millions of Nigerians at once. See the red boxes in the image above to know where your advert will be displayed on Facebook. It is bold, conspicuous, obvious and very noticeable. N is called the Newsfeed and S is the Sidebar. Adverts in the newsfeed tend to fare better especially if you have a limited budget.


Why Advertise on Facebook?

  • Reach over 15 Million Nigerians
  • More affordable than other types of offline advertising (Radio, TV etc)
  • You get instant results via calls, texts or clicks to your website
  • Boost your Adsense revenue (for AdSense users)


What can you advertise on Facebook?

  • Your website
  • Your Event
  • Products and Services
  • Political Campaigns
  • Your Branding and Logo
  • Your Fan Page
  • Anything


What You Cannot Advertise on Facebook

  • Online Money Making Schemes
  • Online Business Autoresponder lists and Courses
  • Pornography and other Illegal stuff
  • Magic and Sorcery


Why advertise on Facebook in Nigeria?

Everybody knows how profitable it can be to advertise on Facebook. We have heard stories of how people have made lots of money merely by advertising on Facebook. Facebook advertising for Nigerians is the best because it is cheap and can get you instant measurable results fast unlike newspaper and TV which are relatively expensive and without a means of measuring the performance.

Challenges of Facebook Advertising in Nigeria

  • The challenge most Nigerians face is how to pay for the Facebook adverts using naira here in Nigeria. This is because, Facebook only accepts credit cards when you want to pay to advertise.
  • Another challenge is that creating and configuring the advert is a complex process and an inexperienced person can easily lose a lot of money if they attempt to do it by themselves.


How to pay for Facebook ads in Naira from Nigeria

The good news is that there is a company that most people are now using in Nigeria that can help you place your adverts on Facebook while you pay or transfer into their Nigerian Bank account. What I like most about these guys is that they are very experienced and can help you get the best out of your adverts.

That Company is Us. Yes, Us. LBO Ventures owners of LegalWebConsult.com.

Also our charges are quite affordable compared to other people who offer the same service. We have different pricing plans depending on how many people you want to see your advert (this is known as “Reach”). All you have to do is to pay or transfer the appropriate amount into our Nigerian bank account, send us an email with the details, send a text and give us up to 4 days.


Fast and Convenient to use

Once you have paid, send the email and text according to the samples we will provide and your advert will start running on Facebook not more than 4 days after you send us the text. Many Businesses have used our company several times and are very satisfied with our services and will continue to use them because they have tried many others but we are better by far.


Where will the adverts be displayed on Facebook?

When you place an advert on Facebook, there are two possible slots it can show up on depending on whether you are using a desktop computer or mobile. These slots are the newsfeed (N) or the sidebar (S) as shown in the image below:

While our company can place your advert in any of the two slots, we have found out that the newsfeed (N) seems to get more results.


We can help you place your advert on Facebook

No need for credit card, pay in naira into our Nigerian bank account and we will help you place the advert. We’re the Best and Most Affordable in Nigeria. We charge according to how many people will see the advert weekly (this is known as the Reach). We have Five Plans, see the rates below:



Cost: N35,000 (Thirty Five thousand naira)
Duration: 1 Week
Ad Location: Newsfeed only
Reach: 30,000+ People


Cost: N62,000 (Sixty Two thousand naira)
Duration: 1 Week
Ad Location: Newsfeed only
Reach: 70,000+ People


Cost: N110,000 (One Hundred and Ten thousand naira)
Duration: 1 Week
Ad Location:  Newsfeed only
Reach: 140,000+  People


Cost: N200,000 (Two Hundred thousand naira)
Duration: 1 Week
Ad Location: Newsfeed + Sidebar (optional)
Reach: 300,000+  People


For more and greater reach please call our customer service for Negotiation. Call 08022845523.


How to Place your Facebook Advert through Us


The ordering process is done in four steps

Step 1: Pick a plan

Go through the five plans listed A to E above and pick one based on your needs and your budget. Check the cost and get the payment ready.


STEP 2. Pay by deposit or Transfer into our Bank Account Below:

Account Name: Legal Business Ventures
Bank: Diamond Bank Plc
Account Number: 002-9273-796



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 201-7245-803


STEP 3. Send us the Payment Details via email.
Send the following details below via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook Ads Request Email
– Depositor Name:
– Amount Paid:
– Plan paid for:
– Date Paid:
– Branch Paid:
– Your Phone Number:
– Your web page address/Fan Page (where people who click will be taken to):
– Target states or nationwide?:
– If targeting states, list the states to target:
– Any other Instructions for Us:


Step 4: Text Us
Send a text message to 08138458108 with the word Facebook ADS and your email address.


After These Steps, What Next?

It takes up to 4 working days for us to setup and optimize your advert before it starts running. When it starts running, you will be sent a text message or email notification (or both). If no word from us after 4 days please call customer service to complain.

You can reach us on any of these phone numbers 08138458108 0r 08022845523.


Frequently Asked Questions

I placed an advert but I did not see it while logged on to Facebook, why?
As of recent, there are more than 5000 Nigerian adverts currently active on Facebook yet only few can be shown to a user at any given time thus the probability that you will see your advert while logged in is 1 in 300. Facebook uses a very complex algorithm to determine which adverts are shown to a user at a particular time therefore, there is a strong likelihood that you will not see your advert while on Facebook.


How do I track my advert performance by myself?
The only way to track your advert clicks by yourself is to install a tracking code on your website or page. Although most website hosting companies usually install a tracking system, all you need do is login to your Cpanel and click on Latest Visit. With a tracking code, you will be able to monitor how many clicks are coming from facebook. If you do not already have tracking installed, contact your webmaster to set it up for you. There are some free online tracking services like statcounter.com or supercounters.com.

if you have any other question call or whatsapp us on 08138458108.



50 MCC Road, Owerri, Imo State.


08138458108, 08022845523

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